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Cheques that Look Highly Professional

Writing cheques is an integral part of any business. Making payments and receiving them through cheques is a requirement of the law. If you have been using the manual method of writing cheques till now, it is high time you learned about the advantages of using a cheque writing software in your business. It is a technologically advanced system that not only creates highly professional looking cheques that are all very consistent but also obliterates chances of human errors that are very common.

If you run a business where you have to issue cheques to different people (employees, vendors, clients, customers, etc) on a daily basis, you must get any good cheque writing software. ChequePRO is a very efficient and popular tool that is being used by thousands of individuals and organizations. All it requires is to download this software on your computer and connect the computer with any existing printer in your office. Now you can use your Word software to write details over every cheque. These include

  •  Payee name
  •  Account number
  •  Amount in figures
  •  Amount in words
  •  Account Payee only and not negotiable (or Bearer as the case may be)
  •  Date

Final revision obliterates chances of human errors

Once you have written these details, you can go through them once again to make sure there is no mistake or error. Now you have to give the Print command to your printer to print all the cheques with these details. All the cheques will come out of the printer and ready to be signed by you or the owner of the business. ChequePRO is a wonderful software that supports all types of printers whether they are laser, inkjet, and dot matrix. This means you need not change your existing printer at the office. Also, you have the ability to change the currency unit in which you are issuing cheques.

ChequePRO is full of attractive features

Using ChequePRO is good not only for reducing the number of human errors encountered while writing manual cheques but also to make your cheques more presentable and professional. You also get a monthly statement from this tool that gives details of all the cheques issued by you. The program has a very friendly search tool that allows you to locate a particular cheque that you have issued in a month.

In this age of cut-throat competition, it is prudent to make use of a cheque writing software to reduce errors and to five a professional image to your business.


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